Automatic Website Optimizations.


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Our algorithms improve your interfaces.

End to End

SessionForward improves your interfaces by indexing high order browsing behaviors:

  • Recording mouse movements, and page mutations.
  • Understanding where users pay attention.
  • Improving how interfaces react to inputs and actions.
  • Continuosly Testing newly improved interfaces, keeping what works and dismissing what is not.


SessionForward empowers your web sites and applications with a completely automated user experience improvement pipeline.

It replaces qualitative analytics measures from traditional heatmapping tools, but it also does the job of a UX/UI Consultant, a frontend Software Engineer, and an A/B testing Data Scientist.

All you have to do is adding a line of code to your web page, and your product will progressively get better: We come up with the actual designs, and the actual code for better interfaces.


Our technology improves visual, as well as communicational interfaces. As of 2020, a number of Countries and Institutions are proposing and enforcing solid strict data collection regulations, with the intent of protecting user privacy and online identity information. Respecting the legal constraints and requirements of frameworks such as CCPA and GDPR becomes especially tricky when you are sharing product usage data with third party technology companies. By providing on-premises deployment, SessionForward allows you to carry out UX research while respecting the privacy of your users.


The rise of public awareness over cookies policy, user tracking, and advertisment technologies, led to mass adoption of anti-tracking browsers, software, and devices. It is estimated that more than 30% of people browsing the internet are currently using at least one tracking prevention tool. Adblock software indiscriminately blocks common user experience development tools, such as Hotjar, Fullstory, Logrocket, Inspectlet, CrazyEgg, UXCam, Smartlook, and Segment. By offering on-premises deployment, Session Forward allows you to collect 100% of session interaction data from your domain.