Simple user session replays and heatmaps.


Time on site
Page Scroll Events
Mouse Interaction Events


Session Forward helps you to understand what your users do on your webpage by reliably recording:

  • Replays of interactions, such as mouse movements, clicks, and page scrolls, for each one of your users.
  • Heatmaps of interactions, which help you highlighting areas of interest across your page content.


By focusing on the recording and analysis of session replay and heatmap generation, we want to produce the best possible user interaction analysis experience. You can start recording user sessions by adding a line of code to your web page, and perform analyses yourself in our online dashboard. If you are unexperienced with coding, algorithms, and user experience iteration, we can help you with it, whether if you are tech savvy, you can export session interaction data, and perform your analyses in your favorite software.


As of 2020, a number of Countries and Institutions are proposing and enforcing solid strict data collection regulations, with the intent of protecting user privacy and online identity information. Respecting the legal constraints and requirements of directives such as CCPA and GDPR becomes especially tricky when you are sharing data with third party technology companies. Depending on your business location and domain, in some cases it is also required that browsing data of your users would not leave your servers. By providing on-premises deployment, Session Forward allow you to carry out UX research while respecting the privacy of your users.


The progressive rise of public awareness over cookies policy, user tracking, and advertisment technologies led to mass adoption of browser anti tracking software. It is estimated that more than 30% of people browsing the internet are currently using at least one tracking prevention program. Adblock software indiscriminately blocks common user experience development tools, such as Hotjar, Fullstory, Logrocket, Inspectlet, CrazyEgg, and Segment. By offering full on-premises deployment in Pro Plans, Session Forward allows you to collect 100% of session interaction data from your domain.